I gained weight.

If you’re staying connected through the facebook page as well, you know this past weekend was spent living in full foodgasm form. The goal was to gain weight as well as hold a little more water since I leaned out WAY too quickly the past month. If you try to stay lean for too long, your body will kinda “bottom out” and just hit this really weird sickly point (I got there, and felt like Christian Bale in the Machinist) . I like to keep the curves looking…curvy, and the muscles looking full. Let me tell you, gaining weight is NO problem for me! haha, I gained close to 5 lbs since Thursday, eating anything and everything up to 6 times a day and no working out. You can definitely see the water holding around my abs, hips and arms. My thighs are holding a lot of water as well. I’m looking forward to seeing how my body reacts as I lean out this week. I’m hoping to get my body past the point where it plateaued and I’ll definitely be reading all your emails and comments over and over again for encouragement.

I finished my lunch and now I’m off to the gym!!



“I just want burritos and cream cheese sweet rolls again!!!!!”


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