name: Austin Dangers Powers

Danger is my middle name.

It’s been a very intense and incredible month. After many necessary changes and improvements, I feel like the world has been lifted off my shoulders.

I feel free. I feel joy. I feel like myself again.

I will be moving into a delicious condo as July ends. I will be living with a nice young man (not Devon) and am definitely looking forward to living with a boy who won’t have matching menstrual cycles with me over time! hahaha. A few have asked why I don’t just move into a place with D and my answer is simple. I want to wait until marriage. I want to have the excitement of newlyweds, not roommates who have gotten hitched. I want to have the newness, the excitement, the infatuation of learning  a new life with the man I love. I, and many other I’ve known have tried to “play marriage” and move straight into the enthralling life of husband and wife, when in actuality, the foundations of the relationship are no where near where it should be for a lasting happy relationship and not one just built on butterflies and fun.

This condo is gorgeous. D and I will start painting my two rooms and decorating them this month before I move in in July. I’ll definitely be super busy with the competition and all, but I’m NOT complaining!

I will be selling ALL my vintage, not vintage, and awesome house-ware:  day bed, bookshelfs, record tables(literally, a table with records on it) , ALL the art work that you’ve seen on my wall in these photos , etc. If you are local, in Arizona and would like to have these things in YOUR home, email me immediately and I will work out a very very good price for you. My main concern is getting rid of EVERYTHING and starting fresh.

Preparing for the competition:


I’m doing my absolute best to stay positive, stay smiling, and stay disciplined. You all know about my “accidental” slips down the slippery slopes of bean burritos and french fries…but even with those, I learn from it! Those of you who have emailed and messaged about your individual wins and ‘losses’ have been HUGE motivators for me! We’re not alone!

To my lady readers, you are beautiful. While you’re on your journey with whatever your goals are,know that at the end of the day it is your heart, your word, your honesty, and your love that is remembered, known, and cherished. Without those, you end up having a lot of things in life, none of which last.

Live intentionally.


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  1. Always beautiful…

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