PUSH| lemme tell ya!

breakfast: 1 cup cream of wheat(measured before cooking) 1 apple 5 eggs
lunch: freaking huge salad with copious amounts of chicken breast and chips/salsa

currently listening to: country sh*t (see below)

wearing: under armour

thinking: there are some crazy *ss broads out there and for some reason, they swarm at me. I ain’t mad at em though. do what you’re good at!

also thinking: I’m really grateful for you amazing females and guys out there, you keep doin’ you too! You’re making the world, and my life, better! xoxo

some of the things on the agenda for today:

  • 15 min tread
  • 4×8 wide squats
  • 4×8 curls
  • 4×8 lat pull downs


One response to “PUSH| lemme tell ya!

  1. Hi Ciara..good morning for you…nice pictures…

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