Good morning beautifuls|handsomes! I have been sneezing non stop since the gym last night. Hoping it’s just allergies from that apocalyptic  dust storm last week.

Before I head out, I want to respond to some of you who have reblogged ciarale photos on tumblr. I know responding on a blog doesn’t usually happen? haha, but what you all have to say just builds up this desire in me to talk to you!

Jen at fitcommitment: Thank you SO much for reading, sharing, and checking in daily! When I first started this blog last August,it was a journal of sorts that I never expected anyone to read…and now, sharing and interacting with all of you is the reason I even blog! You, darling, are my extra boost of motivation!

Miss AT at lifeintechnicolor: THANK GOD FOR YOU! There’s so much hype about flat stomachs and thigh gaps that people are forgetting that even that will sag in a few years. This is something I had to learn and realize,  there IS a skinny fat. Thank you so much for your kind words love. I know you probably thought I wouldn’t see it, but I did, and now I wont have to kick your ass .;)

bucolicail.: abs are always better than ribs. I’m so proud of you for choosing to be healthy and go about looking healthy the healthy way(did I say healthy too much?). DO NOT LET THE SKINNY FOOL YOU. It shows no discipline. It shows no determination. It shows a shortcut, one that only will end up looking worse in the long run. PS. I actually will take what ever cake you have to offer in about 2 weeks. xx

Corinne at fitinthecity: I love you. (too forward?)

Thank you so much for being here for me. Not just in the fitness aspect, but in the heart aspect.  Sometimes, the closer you get to fulfilling your goals and dreams, the farther the people you thought were friends seem to be. You all have been my sisters, my brothers, my family in my journey- and for that I am wildly grateful.

Also, another HUGE thank you to Half Moon Sports Grill for sponsoring me all the way to my July 2011 NPC show. I seriously could not have done it without them. What’s a set of abs if you can’t pay the registration fee to show them?? :)If you haven’t already liked them on facebook, go ahead and do it. You also get free hook ups when you check in on foursquare! 🙂

I feel blessed when I think of all of you.


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