Ciara LE walking at the NPC Bikini!

Good morning sweet things!

D got a video of me walking during the judging! πŸ™‚ Sorry it’s sideways and this little camera that shot the video (which happens to be the ghetto camera that started this blog πŸ™‚ ) is less than wonderful. Turn your head to the left and squint and you should be good!

Okay, so I’ll explain what’s going on a little bit for you too. Since it was such a LARGE class this year, they split 17Β  girls down the middle to walk up front. There were only 5 winning places so they looked at the 2 groups separately to be able to see all of us. We walk out and waited for the first group on the other side of the stage. Then my half walked out. Then we strut front and back. The judges want to see the front side and back side. That was a change for me as I’ve competed in figure before which entailed posing/flexing and quarter turns.

Also, I just want to let you know that whenever I got a little dose of nervousness back stage waiting, I looked at the comments, emails, tumblr posts/notes and facebook posts from you. You have all increased the joy in my life by millions and millions! It makes me cry when I think of you. I am so blessed by you. You all know who you are.

And to Miss Corrine Labial at FitintheCity, thank you for showing so much love to me. You have told me that you look up to me for motivation, but you, darling, have been a motivation to me since the day I first saw your post. I hope one day soon I can make the trek out to you so we can lift some weights, drink some chai, and dominate some bean burritos.

I thank God for you.

-moment to compose-

I wonder if Tyra would be proud and say I was fierce over and over and over again and then tell me to smile with my eyes. hahahahah, here we go.


One response to “Ciara LE walking at the NPC Bikini!

  1. ya….that last picture. they were right about the suit. that does not even come close to doing your amazing booty justice! :/ well have to get you a nice sexy darker one for the next time! πŸ™‚ november show here we come!!!! πŸ™‚

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