Submitted on 2011/07/26 at 11:01 pm

Why would you want to gain weight purposely? You worked so hard! Eat what you want, but don’t force anything just to prove something to your readers


C: Thanks so much for the compliment Anonymous reader! I did train and lean the best I could! In answer to your question, contrary to what media shoves down every ones throat, gaining weight (when it is healthy mass) is not only necessary for your body to heal and be able to lean out even more when the time comes, but also to keep skin, hair and all other womanly parts (vag/ovaries/etc) in just as beautiful condition. Being 99lbs and 8% body fat, as I’ve stated many times before, are my stats for 3 days TOPS and even then, I eat at least 6 meals a day with high protein count. Gaining weight is not the same as a desire to get fat. Get loose. Get unhealthy. Over the next couple weeks I will be gaining weight so that my body will recover from the trauma of competition training. It will thicken out in all the right places because of smart eating, heavy weights, and my body won’t ever plateau.

After all, all the ciarale.com readers know I come to B.T.B.!!



|me at a healthy off season weight of 120|


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  1. Also, just to add it REALLY takes a toll on your body training when you are THAT lean with little to no water weight! In order to keep training hard without risking injury, your body needs a little fat and water to help cushion/lubricate all the joints! Like she said, its bulking up but mostly HEALTHY weight 🙂

  2. *tell you

  3. oh ok, that definitey makes more sense! You say some readers say you that you are too skinny…but you obviously worked damn hard for it! Do what you gotta do girly! 🙂 looking good!

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