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A ‘No’ uttered from the deepest conviction is better than a ‘Yes’ merely uttered to please, or worse, to avoid trouble.

-Mohandas Gandhi



“Life will flow into us in thousands of small ways as we die to our egos, our pride, our need to be right, our self sufficiency, our rebellion, and our stubborn insistence that we deserve to get our way.”

Guess what…



For the first time since I’ve moved out of my parents house 4 years back, I am actually upgrading in BOTH environment and human connection. My excitement is encompassed by relief.

There is truly a season for everything. Even though my past year has been tainted with lies, hate, and overall deception- the past month has set the stage for this next season. Such beautiful people, incredible opportunities, a peace in life- I don’t deserve any of it…but I am grateful for it all the same and will be taking it with all the responsibility and strength it entails.

I want to make you guys proud.

After these next couple weeks of healing my body, resting, (who am I kidding) EATING, I will be hitting the training even harder(smarter)!

I am very happy that 3 readers have joined PUSH and I will be working on their personalized fitness plans and nutrition requirements. All three of them happen to be over seas, I’m thinking an “in person” check up will need to be arranged! hahaha (what? I need a vacation!!! :D)

Last thing, be sure to smile today. BIG.






weekend of the 4th

Happy 4th of July Weekend!

Don’t drink and drive!

Just drink and dance!


                “So baby Imma be your motivation!!!”


only remix of the song that I find of worth.



we don’t have a child, but he did have a birthday dinner.

Dev loves my hair down and stick straight (which, happily, is how my hair is naturally), but it was just TOO hot too have my hair down. I opted for the up fro and some light brown eyeshadow with some falsies.

top|F21 shorts|H&M cuff|vintage wedges|fergie

He snapped a few before we went out the door:

the prettiest photo i’ve ever taken.

is the last one posted.

you just can’t buy a face with lines like that.

hey mikey! he likes it!

Okay. So I just got home from the gym and feel like a sloth. Then I open up my laptop that is dying a slow and painful(for me) death. Then…doth my eyes deceive me???? One of the coolest posts I’ve read of me (sounds super vain but how else do I say it? ) by one incredible blog/blogger. Are you serious?

Mr. T Good. Whoever you are, wherever you are…thank you. You single handedly kept me from eating away my every thing in piles of bean burritos and fire hot cheetos. I, and every follower, owe you.

In all seriousness, your post is an honor.