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Some photos from our trip to Laguna Beach in March.
I look at them whenever I want to go back…


Q & A | what’s up with the underwear?

A lovely reader asked this question on last nights “nocturnal” post:

sara |         ciara – i LOVE your blog – your outfit and gym posts especially and have been following your blog for a while. but i am going to be honest – i am having trouble understanding the recent emergence of pictures of yourself in your underwear. to my understanding you are very proud of your body (which is really awesome) as well as what your body can do – and i get why you post gym pictures, but i don’t really understand the reasoning behind underwear pictures in the bedroom. if you are wondering why i am confused – usually when girls post pictures of themselves in their underwear, they are looking for attention/some form of validation/security, and i really don’t think that is the case here, so i am wondering what the alternative reason is :) ps i hope you don’t take this offensively – i am honestly just curious :)


So glad to hear that you love the blog darling! I also love that you are a reader with a voice! I’d love to answer your question/s and please know that I do so as offering insight, not a defense. I take no offense in any way, so I offer no retaliation in return. ❤

You are right when you stated that I am not seeking attention, validation, or security. Instead I am seeking to be a catalyst for other females (and males alike) to find an avenue to feel beautiful, secure, and validated in their own skin…with out retouching. A sort of “if she can do it, so can I”.  We are constantly bombarded with stick thin females in bikinis, in thongs, or in the nude-this has been the standard for beauty and acceptable at that. For example:

My heart has delighted in being blessed with the opportunity to be an example for 40,000 different readers in the United States alone that a pair of thick thighs and a large somewhat jiggly derriere is indeed just as beautiful. Hence exhibit B:

This is my heart and the over all purpose of overcome the one way thinking society has grown into. To press through the over all lack of inspiration.  To stand in you’re knickers even if you don’t have a professional photographer to retouch you perfectly. To be able to stand by every decision. To live life without the shadow of timidity. To admire beauty in its most real form, you.

Before this becomes another novel of mine. I have one more tid bit that may help clear up your confusion. This blog is every bit as much of a fitness blog as a fashion blog. While I have Teen Vogue (love them!) , Glamour, and Cosmo Girl checking in on the blog, I also have Muscle and Fitness, Sports Illustrated, Fitness Mag, and Oxygen catching the wave as well. If you’re familiar with the fashion industry, models and photographers have portfolios-I guess you could view this entire movement as my portfolio. Every image-every word. While I LOVE my Nike spandex…they do not show a lot of definition that is vital in the fitness world and for the big guys in body building (no pun intended) who could be hiring me for my next fitness gig.  -pause- side note: if you are reading this and would like to contact me about advertising, fitness modeling, or representing your brand, please email okay-unpause-  I completely understand why it would seem foreign to the readers out there who aren’t necessarily emerged in refreshing water of fitness.

I want to thank you Sara for asking such a great question as I’m sure many others had the same!

Much love to you and God Bless



now I know how Mike Jones felt when back the they didn’t want him and uhm…now they do.

you’re probably gunna wanna let this load and then put it on full screen.

you’re welcome.

Last Night.

Not last night. But the last night in Laguna. We ate at a lovely Italian place on the side of Coast Highway. The tables looked out at the road and shops, but even more spectacular, the ocean. You’ll see photos of me not keeping my eating plan and maybe even crossing the line into gluttony. A beautiful bitter sweet end to a trip. I know it was just a road trip…but for some reason, I haven’t felt the same since I’ve been back. To see a state other than my own, nap by the beach, meet strangers who felt more honest than friends…it’s something that I needed, and I believe it’s something that grew me. The world is a lot bigger than it seems.

food baby

spotlight: Laguna Coffee Company

For all the readers in Southern Cal(specifically Laguna) who are driving around aimlessly looking for some good Chai, or any coffiholic beverage. We stopped in here mainly so I could try to find the best Chai on Coast Highway. This was definitely in my top two. Did I only have chai in two places? Yes. But they were both extremely delicious regardless. Don’t mind my faces. I was so fancy free out there, I don’t even remember what I was cracking up about. Obviously loosing it! And Dev, well, he’s just doing what he does.

Here is the website for the place in the pictures: Laguna Coffee Company


Here’s some bloopers from California. Enjoy.

You may have to scroll over to the right

as they are huge.

I die every time I see the last set.

I Miss You Michael!

me singing in remembrance(and in insanity) on the ride home from California. we were both pretty loopy and thought this would be a good idea, we also laughed and rewatched the duration of the trip. you may wanna watch this beauty in HD.

*end sarcasm here*