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Submitted on 2011/07/26 at 11:01 pm

Why would you want to gain weight purposely? You worked so hard! Eat what you want, but don’t force anything just to prove something to your readers


C: Thanks so much for the compliment Anonymous reader! I did train and lean the best I could! In answer to your question, contrary to what media shoves down every ones throat, gaining weight (when it is healthy mass) is not only necessary for your body to heal and be able to lean out even more when the time comes, but also to keep skin, hair and all other womanly parts (vag/ovaries/etc) in just as beautiful condition. Being 99lbs and 8% body fat, as I’ve stated many times before, are my stats for 3 days TOPS and even then, I eat at least 6 meals a day with high protein count. Gaining weight is not the same as a desire to get fat. Get loose. Get unhealthy. Over the next couple weeks I will be gaining weight so that my body will recover from the trauma of competition training. It will thicken out in all the right places because of smart eating, heavy weights, and my body won’t ever plateau.

After all, all the readers know I come to B.T.B.!!



|me at a healthy off season weight of 120|


push| Q&A

I’ve been getting a few repeated questions in my inbox, figured I’d tackle them all at once here! 🙂 I just ate a huge bowl of mac and cheese with salmon (left overs from the dinner I made last night) and I’m headed to go walk and train arms. Still on my weight gain and it feels SO weird trying to gain weight after leaning out for so long. I feel so naughty eating normal food NONSTOP.

I feel like a baby in a strip club.

…anyways. here’s the answers to your questions, please keep sending them! And if I have not responded to your emails yet, please know I am doing my best to respond with my full focus and attention, even if that means taking longer to reply! Have patience with me!


Q: “You said you didn’t place in your competition. How many places were there?”

A: Perfect question, so sorry I neglected to write this in the competition post! Top 5 are the places, and there were 17 girls in my class!

Q: “How many calories do you eat a day?’

A: I wouldn’t know. I don’t count them. In my opinion, counting calories is the second stupidest thing next to fat burning pills.

Q: When is your next competition?

A. November 🙂 I have about 2/3 weeks off, and then I will be training again!

Q: How long should I do cardio every day.

A: In most cases, I would advise not to do cardio EVERY day. This will only keep tearing down muscle and your body will end up looking kind of saggy and odd (like those who only exercise with bike riding/jogging). Stick to slow burn cardio approximately 20-40 minutes every other work out.


Good morning beautifuls|handsomes! I have been sneezing non stop since the gym last night. Hoping it’s just allergies from that apocalyptic  dust storm last week.

Before I head out, I want to respond to some of you who have reblogged ciarale photos on tumblr. I know responding on a blog doesn’t usually happen? haha, but what you all have to say just builds up this desire in me to talk to you!

Jen at fitcommitment: Thank you SO much for reading, sharing, and checking in daily! When I first started this blog last August,it was a journal of sorts that I never expected anyone to read…and now, sharing and interacting with all of you is the reason I even blog! You, darling, are my extra boost of motivation!

Miss AT at lifeintechnicolor: THANK GOD FOR YOU! There’s so much hype about flat stomachs and thigh gaps that people are forgetting that even that will sag in a few years. This is something I had to learn and realize,  there IS a skinny fat. Thank you so much for your kind words love. I know you probably thought I wouldn’t see it, but I did, and now I wont have to kick your ass .;)

bucolicail.: abs are always better than ribs. I’m so proud of you for choosing to be healthy and go about looking healthy the healthy way(did I say healthy too much?). DO NOT LET THE SKINNY FOOL YOU. It shows no discipline. It shows no determination. It shows a shortcut, one that only will end up looking worse in the long run. PS. I actually will take what ever cake you have to offer in about 2 weeks. xx

Corinne at fitinthecity: I love you. (too forward?)

Thank you so much for being here for me. Not just in the fitness aspect, but in the heart aspect.  Sometimes, the closer you get to fulfilling your goals and dreams, the farther the people you thought were friends seem to be. You all have been my sisters, my brothers, my family in my journey- and for that I am wildly grateful.

Also, another HUGE thank you to Half Moon Sports Grill for sponsoring me all the way to my July 2011 NPC show. I seriously could not have done it without them. What’s a set of abs if you can’t pay the registration fee to show them?? :)If you haven’t already liked them on facebook, go ahead and do it. You also get free hook ups when you check in on foursquare! 🙂

I feel blessed when I think of all of you.


It’s morning over here, so I will say gooooodmorning! To those of you who are on the other side of the world, I guess it would be more fitting if I said sweetdreams!

Last night was pretty crazy over here with these dust movements that looked more like a wall of gray and brown. If you followed on the facebook page, I was in awe!

I had a very very relaxing 4th. D and I went over to my Uncle Dennis’ house (if you don’t know who he is you can see him HERE) and then went home to relax till we could relax no more(which just so happens to be 8am when there’s no other choice but to stop relaxing :-p).

I am two weeks and three days out from my show and I have equal parts of excitement and tension which I think is exactly where I need to be. Humility with determination will keep the heart right in line with the life.  In answer to your questions, YES, I absolutely have hit some rough spots in the training and to be honest, it seems to be  more frequent as I near the show! I am having a VERY trying challenge with food and I seriously day dream about pasta, pizza, fries, and burritos. All my favorites. Self discipline doesn’t necessarily come easy for me. I read a lot of girl in the fitness world saying that eating clean for competition is easier than it seems, in my honest opinion(and experience) it’s not. In saying this, knowing that it can be the thing that will ruin me in the end, I’ve been doing my best to stay disciplined and ALL OF YOU have been the push I need. Believe that.

Along side any internal hurdles, I’ve had an influx of people attempt to take out their misery and anger on me, after hate emails, facebook messages, status updates etc I will address all of them at once and leave it at that:

  • If I denied your friend request on my personal page, it is NOT because you are not ‘good’ enough, it is because this is my PERSONAL page and kept for people I have actually met, family, and friends.
  • If you fall in that category, there is a facebook page created exactly for that purpose, all daily photos, updates etc are perfect for all your stalking needs.
  • If you were a facebook friend of mine and then were deleted it is because it was brought to my attention that you were either stealing, lying, posing as false people to comment on my website, or you just weirded me out. Plain and simple. It also wierds me out how quickly the majority of you sent me hate messages after I deleted you,one of you texted me literally 5 minutes after,  showing how much you are sitting on my profile. I think I did you a favor and you may have a lot more free time in your day to get important things accomplished.
  • FINALLY, stop flattering yourself. I don’t have the time or extra energy to hate you.

Hopefully that clears up any confusion.

I hope all of you have a beautiful day today! And if you’re in the hotter parts of the world like I am, let’s drink a lot of water. And whether you hate me or not, I hope that you find joy in your day today, I hope that you find inspiration in something typically tagged as insignificant, and I hope that you know that you are beautiful, you are worth it.

Q-n-A: loversnfriends.

“Flatter me, and I may not believe you. Criticize me, and I may not like you. Ignore me, and I may not forgive you. Encourage me, and I will not forget you. Love me and I may be forced to love you.” -William Arthur Ward

THANK YOU to these beautiful readers who not only left their names but touched my heart. I will answer your questions in this post as well 🙂

From: gym|bareessentials

irene | May 10, 2011 at 10:29 pm

you look AMAZING and I am so eager now to get in shape. I have a small frame, but after 4 kids it all starts looking wrong around the waist. I love how you showed your defined areas and then provided a link to the workout for that specific area. Will you be doing more of that on your blog? I can only imagine how hard you work at this. Do you live at the gym or is it just balancing a good diet with a healthy workout? You really are BEAUTIFUL!

C: Irene! So good to hear from you, a mommy! How beautiful is it that you aim to set the example of a healthy lifestyle for your little ones! I WILL be doing more of these extended (and specific) posts as well as the daily/weekly PUSH posts. It is dedication, but have hope love, after awhile…it’s not work anymore. I go to the gym Monday-Thursday and use Friday-Saturday for Church(sunday), family, eating as a please, and don’t lift a weight! We need rest! Diet…well errr…I usually am good about posting what I eat as well 🙂 Some of it, I would not advise! (i.e. bacon, daily) Thank you for reading, Irene.  Look forward to hearing from you soon xo

bri | May 10, 2011 at 9:45 pm

Great motivation for me girl! You look amazing, keep up the good work and the confidence! :)

C: SO good to hear Bri, after all, it IS what I do this for. You motivated me through my work out today with this comment I’ll tell you that! And sometimes it is very difficult for me to keep confidence with the heat I get here and there, but the overwhelming love from you guys keeps my heart soaring!

hail | May 11, 2011 at 9:55 am

man! bitches are jealoussss. i commend you for having the courage to take your clothes off… and all for the sake of HELPING other girls develop a healthier body and mind. it’s unfortunate that not all of your readers are thankful for your efforts…. sooome of these readers (hint: look below) need to grow a pair, get over their insecurities and commend you for what you’re doing.

C: Oh Hail, not only do your words make me smile, cry, laugh…but you are one of the only friends who I have actually met in “real life” that take a stand for not only me, but the site as a whole. It means the world to me. You are not timid. You are not embarrassed. Even when it comes to holding my internet hand 🙂 For this I am extremely thankful…incredibly blessed. I only pray that the thousands of girls being helped will continue to overcome the hundreds who look for an excuse for their misery. Thank you. Truly.