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PUSH| lemme tell ya!

breakfast: 1 cup cream of wheat(measured before cooking) 1 apple 5 eggs
lunch: freaking huge salad with copious amounts of chicken breast and chips/salsa

currently listening to: country sh*t (see below)

wearing: under armour

thinking: there are some crazy *ss broads out there and for some reason, they swarm at me. I ain’t mad at em though. do what you’re good at!

also thinking: I’m really grateful for you amazing females and guys out there, you keep doin’ you too! You’re making the world, and my life, better! xoxo

some of the things on the agenda for today:

  • 15 min tread
  • 4×8 wide squats
  • 4×8 curls
  • 4×8 lat pull downs



learn to say the same thing
let us hold fast to sayin the same thing
i hope all is well with you
i wish the best for you
when no one is around love will always love you

UPDATE|Benjamin Connelly

I really have come to think that a select amount of people really really think I am stupid.

On the latest post Benjamin Connelly- the man of the year , I recieved 3 different comments from a Bree, Shannon, and an Anonymous (of course). With WordPress hooked up to my email account, I receive an email of every comment as I am the administrator of the site. Interestingly enough, ALL THREE COMMENTS ARE FROM THE SAME PERSON. -see below-

Check this out, your IP address comes through love, and changing the name doesn’t change your IP address. Thank you for attempting to “gang” up, but your efforts were in vain.

“An Internet Protocol address (IP address) is a numerical label assigned to each device (e.g., computer, printer) participating in a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication.An IP address serves two principal functions: host or network interface identification and location addressing.”

gym| So you want my body?

Or maybe you just want some abs?

PUSH is now going into your gym. Starting this week, I will be taking/booking clients for the months of April|May|June|July. You can either book me per session (at random) or 5 sessions for a set fee. Nutrition plans are also available.

PUSH also includes group boot camps. If 3 or more people would like to book a 1 hour boot camp with a Q&A to personalize your goals be sure to email me as well. This is perfect for those of you readers who are in sororities (or frats! 😉 ) A few of you have contacted me from out of state wanting a boot camp, if you can get a group together of 15 or more- I will travel for you 🙂 *angel eyes*

All inquiries should be sent to

Oh, yeah, the video down there is my resume 😀

Vote For Ciara to Be the Cover of Fitness Mag

First, I want to thank  all my readers who have been such a huge support system in my life and in my endeavors. It has given me confidence that I never had, and a motivation to keep moving forward. This is why I’m so excited to tell you I have a chance to be the cover of Fitness mag, and with your votes my youth and (no fake boobies 🙂 ) won’t be an issue! Click HERE to go to the page with the photo above. Click the button that says VOTE. After you click, a small box will pop up asking you to type in a word, this IS NOT SPAM and it is actually necessary to lock in your vote.  Okay, the most important part is that you can VOTE EVERY DAY! Don’t worry, I’ll remind you 🙂 Please send to your friends, tell your family, show your girlfriend, force your boyfriend…whatever we can do to make this a big move for!!

Here is the link just in case you want it for email/sharing purposes:

UPDATE: was just notified that the link changes as I move up in rank!!! here is the updated link:

as of 4/19 7am-

I will keep you all up to date to the link to the best of my ability! 😀 If the link has already changed, try moving the arrows till you find the above photo!! thank you SO much for voting!

Q & A | what’s up with the underwear?

A lovely reader asked this question on last nights “nocturnal” post:

sara |         ciara – i LOVE your blog – your outfit and gym posts especially and have been following your blog for a while. but i am going to be honest – i am having trouble understanding the recent emergence of pictures of yourself in your underwear. to my understanding you are very proud of your body (which is really awesome) as well as what your body can do – and i get why you post gym pictures, but i don’t really understand the reasoning behind underwear pictures in the bedroom. if you are wondering why i am confused – usually when girls post pictures of themselves in their underwear, they are looking for attention/some form of validation/security, and i really don’t think that is the case here, so i am wondering what the alternative reason is :) ps i hope you don’t take this offensively – i am honestly just curious :)


So glad to hear that you love the blog darling! I also love that you are a reader with a voice! I’d love to answer your question/s and please know that I do so as offering insight, not a defense. I take no offense in any way, so I offer no retaliation in return. ❤

You are right when you stated that I am not seeking attention, validation, or security. Instead I am seeking to be a catalyst for other females (and males alike) to find an avenue to feel beautiful, secure, and validated in their own skin…with out retouching. A sort of “if she can do it, so can I”.  We are constantly bombarded with stick thin females in bikinis, in thongs, or in the nude-this has been the standard for beauty and acceptable at that. For example:

My heart has delighted in being blessed with the opportunity to be an example for 40,000 different readers in the United States alone that a pair of thick thighs and a large somewhat jiggly derriere is indeed just as beautiful. Hence exhibit B:

This is my heart and the over all purpose of overcome the one way thinking society has grown into. To press through the over all lack of inspiration.  To stand in you’re knickers even if you don’t have a professional photographer to retouch you perfectly. To be able to stand by every decision. To live life without the shadow of timidity. To admire beauty in its most real form, you.

Before this becomes another novel of mine. I have one more tid bit that may help clear up your confusion. This blog is every bit as much of a fitness blog as a fashion blog. While I have Teen Vogue (love them!) , Glamour, and Cosmo Girl checking in on the blog, I also have Muscle and Fitness, Sports Illustrated, Fitness Mag, and Oxygen catching the wave as well. If you’re familiar with the fashion industry, models and photographers have portfolios-I guess you could view this entire movement as my portfolio. Every image-every word. While I LOVE my Nike spandex…they do not show a lot of definition that is vital in the fitness world and for the big guys in body building (no pun intended) who could be hiring me for my next fitness gig.  -pause- side note: if you are reading this and would like to contact me about advertising, fitness modeling, or representing your brand, please email okay-unpause-  I completely understand why it would seem foreign to the readers out there who aren’t necessarily emerged in refreshing water of fitness.

I want to thank you Sara for asking such a great question as I’m sure many others had the same!

Much love to you and God Bless




-Reading/Corresponding/Bible time at Starbucks.

-Get my cooter waxed.

-JUST PLAYIN! hahahahaahaha *get eyebrows waxed

-nails and pedicure for my birthday present to myself

-stop by the mall to most likely buy nothing, but cause a lot of ruckus.

Oh by the way. If you’re wearing heels and fine linens to merely walk around the mall…don’t.

love the shoulder detail.

hate hollister. love $1.50 shorts at the thrift store.