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“Life will flow into us in thousands of small ways as we die to our egos, our pride, our need to be right, our self sufficiency, our rebellion, and our stubborn insistence that we deserve to get our way.”

Guess what…



For the first time since I’ve moved out of my parents house 4 years back, I am actually upgrading in BOTH environment and human connection. My excitement is encompassed by relief.

There is truly a season for everything. Even though my past year has been tainted with lies, hate, and overall deception- the past month has set the stage for this next season. Such beautiful people, incredible opportunities, a peace in life- I don’t deserve any of it…but I am grateful for it all the same and will be taking it with all the responsibility and strength it entails.

I want to make you guys proud.

After these next couple weeks of healing my body, resting, (who am I kidding) EATING, I will be hitting the training even harder(smarter)!

I am very happy that 3 readers have joined PUSH and I will be working on their personalized fitness plans and nutrition requirements. All three of them happen to be over seas, I’m thinking an “in person” check up will need to be arranged! hahaha (what? I need a vacation!!! :D)

Last thing, be sure to smile today. BIG.








Oh and just so you know I’ve made at least a little more progress in the move…

I stacked pillows and blankets?

yeah, a lot of progress…

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It’s morning over here, so I will say gooooodmorning! To those of you who are on the other side of the world, I guess it would be more fitting if I said sweetdreams!

Last night was pretty crazy over here with these dust movements that looked more like a wall of gray and brown. If you followed on the facebook page, I was in awe!

I had a very very relaxing 4th. D and I went over to my Uncle Dennis’ house (if you don’t know who he is you can see him HERE) and then went home to relax till we could relax no more(which just so happens to be 8am when there’s no other choice but to stop relaxing :-p).

I am two weeks and three days out from my show and I have equal parts of excitement and tension which I think is exactly where I need to be. Humility with determination will keep the heart right in line with the life.  In answer to your questions, YES, I absolutely have hit some rough spots in the training and to be honest, it seems to be  more frequent as I near the show! I am having a VERY trying challenge with food and I seriously day dream about pasta, pizza, fries, and burritos. All my favorites. Self discipline doesn’t necessarily come easy for me. I read a lot of girl in the fitness world saying that eating clean for competition is easier than it seems, in my honest opinion(and experience) it’s not. In saying this, knowing that it can be the thing that will ruin me in the end, I’ve been doing my best to stay disciplined and ALL OF YOU have been the push I need. Believe that.

Along side any internal hurdles, I’ve had an influx of people attempt to take out their misery and anger on me, after hate emails, facebook messages, status updates etc I will address all of them at once and leave it at that:

  • If I denied your friend request on my personal page, it is NOT because you are not ‘good’ enough, it is because this is my PERSONAL page and kept for people I have actually met, family, and friends.
  • If you fall in that category, there is a facebook page created exactly for that purpose, all daily photos, updates etc are perfect for all your stalking needs.
  • If you were a facebook friend of mine and then were deleted it is because it was brought to my attention that you were either stealing, lying, posing as false people to comment on my website, or you just weirded me out. Plain and simple. It also wierds me out how quickly the majority of you sent me hate messages after I deleted you,one of you texted me literally 5 minutes after,  showing how much you are sitting on my profile. I think I did you a favor and you may have a lot more free time in your day to get important things accomplished.
  • FINALLY, stop flattering yourself. I don’t have the time or extra energy to hate you.

Hopefully that clears up any confusion.

I hope all of you have a beautiful day today! And if you’re in the hotter parts of the world like I am, let’s drink a lot of water. And whether you hate me or not, I hope that you find joy in your day today, I hope that you find inspiration in something typically tagged as insignificant, and I hope that you know that you are beautiful, you are worth it.


Posted this entire outfit in the shop. Can you believe it? 😉

You can see it/shop it here.

I’ll be buying paint today. Well, that is definitely my PLAN. Depending on the price range that may or may not come to fruition. Momma’s gotta eat.

I want to meet up with a connoisseur of paint. Anyone out there?

Also, is it normal to sneeze and almost pee?


learn to say the same thing
let us hold fast to sayin the same thing
i hope all is well with you
i wish the best for you
when no one is around love will always love you



name: Austin Dangers Powers

Danger is my middle name.

It’s been a very intense and incredible month. After many necessary changes and improvements, I feel like the world has been lifted off my shoulders.

I feel free. I feel joy. I feel like myself again.

I will be moving into a delicious condo as July ends. I will be living with a nice young man (not Devon) and am definitely looking forward to living with a boy who won’t have matching menstrual cycles with me over time! hahaha. A few have asked why I don’t just move into a place with D and my answer is simple. I want to wait until marriage. I want to have the excitement of newlyweds, not roommates who have gotten hitched. I want to have the newness, the excitement, the infatuation of learning  a new life with the man I love. I, and many other I’ve known have tried to “play marriage” and move straight into the enthralling life of husband and wife, when in actuality, the foundations of the relationship are no where near where it should be for a lasting happy relationship and not one just built on butterflies and fun.

This condo is gorgeous. D and I will start painting my two rooms and decorating them this month before I move in in July. I’ll definitely be super busy with the competition and all, but I’m NOT complaining!

I will be selling ALL my vintage, not vintage, and awesome house-ware:  day bed, bookshelfs, record tables(literally, a table with records on it) , ALL the art work that you’ve seen on my wall in these photos , etc. If you are local, in Arizona and would like to have these things in YOUR home, email me immediately and I will work out a very very good price for you. My main concern is getting rid of EVERYTHING and starting fresh.

Preparing for the competition:


I’m doing my absolute best to stay positive, stay smiling, and stay disciplined. You all know about my “accidental” slips down the slippery slopes of bean burritos and french fries…but even with those, I learn from it! Those of you who have emailed and messaged about your individual wins and ‘losses’ have been HUGE motivators for me! We’re not alone!

To my lady readers, you are beautiful. While you’re on your journey with whatever your goals are,know that at the end of the day it is your heart, your word, your honesty, and your love that is remembered, known, and cherished. Without those, you end up having a lot of things in life, none of which last.

Live intentionally.