I am available for boot camps, personal training, nutrition plans, and fitness life coaching. All bookings are done through email at ciaraLEgale@gmail.com. Contact for rates and additional details.

  • bootcamps: for groups of 3 or more. perfect for sororities/frats or any group. I will travel out of state for groups of 15 or more.
  • personal training: options to purchase a package of 4 sessions, or a single session.
  • nutrition plans: can be accomplished in person, or via email. perfect for the readers who are not able to train with me, but are still interested in being fit.
  • fitness life coaching: meet with me to discuss life, emotion, and circumstances and how they affect your mind/body. We will work together to lessen the stress, remove the barriers, and grow your way to fitness freedom from the ups and downs of daily life. I will meet with you as often as 2 times a week or as scarcely as once every 2 weeks. We will work with your particular needs.


One response to “pushCIARA

  1. I am not sure how this works. I am in a different state than you but just wanted to know a bit more about your fitness life coaching or whatever services you offer for clients whom are not able to physically see you.



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