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“Affection is responsible for nine-tenths of whatever solid and durable happiness there is in our lives. ”
-C.S. Lewis



D and I messing around after a fake trip to the gym. Fake because we both forgot our ipods and I know it’s super lame, but it’s kinda not as lucrative to go to the gym without one. We both look kinda scrubby, but we are going to wash up and then head to a cute dinner at a spot down the street.


Here’s some bloopers from California. Enjoy.

You may have to scroll over to the right

as they are huge.

I die every time I see the last set.


my favorite part of this day was taking a nap on the beach and eating dinner on the patio with D looking out at the beach. I’ll post some photos from this place later. xo


climbing trees, and…lounging.




a familiar site that made me laugh every morning.

I thought something was funny at Koffee Klatch, I guess. Thanks D.

lunch at Taco Bell, before dinner at Adolfo’s Mexican Diner. Ooops.

Dev playing with some girlies on the beach. Video footage to follow




walking/singing/dancing down the highway. it was cold.