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I’ve been experiencing some pretty intense headaches and I didn’t know why..and then it hit me. This is how I’ve been reading.

Since I haven’t been wearing contacts, I also have neglected to remember my glasses. I’ve been working so much on the blog and keeping my head in books… no wonder my head hurts!

I remembered my glasses today, and I’m posted at Starbucks responding to your emails and writing your nutrition plans. One reader from Australia shared that she goes for early evening runs and returns home SOAKED because of the humidity. I feel bad for complaining about our dry heat here in Arizona, even if it is 102 degrees… :-0

I wanted to also let you all know that over the next couple days, ciaraLE.com will be switching platforms. This doesn’t really change anything on your end, but it does mean there may be a few things in “limbo” during the switch ! Also, there may be a few posts/photos/details that may get lost in the move (but we’re hoping for the best!) .  Thank you for being patient should there be any glitches! I started this baby from the ground up last August, but am in no way a computer genius! I asked my Daddy if he’d be able to help me to get this switch and I’m confident we’ll be able to do it as close as seamless as possible.

I’ve gotten a few more holds for items in the shop. If you’d like to put any item on hold, please email me as soon as possible so I can determine the ‘first come first dressed’.

Those members of PUSH who are starting their first week of their new eating plan and work out plan, YOU ARE GOING TO DO INSANE! I am so proud of you, and I think I can speak for the rest of the readers when I say that we are all rooting for you. If you’d be willing, please send in any progress, tips, trials, etc that you would not mind me posting for the rest of ciarale readers. We all spur each other on and without that, we would all be pretty lonely and unmotivated.

-For good measure-

here’s a photo of me trying to look pensive:



A ‘No’ uttered from the deepest conviction is better than a ‘Yes’ merely uttered to please, or worse, to avoid trouble.

-Mohandas Gandhi


“Life will flow into us in thousands of small ways as we die to our egos, our pride, our need to be right, our self sufficiency, our rebellion, and our stubborn insistence that we deserve to get our way.”

Guess what…



For the first time since I’ve moved out of my parents house 4 years back, I am actually upgrading in BOTH environment and human connection. My excitement is encompassed by relief.

There is truly a season for everything. Even though my past year has been tainted with lies, hate, and overall deception- the past month has set the stage for this next season. Such beautiful people, incredible opportunities, a peace in life- I don’t deserve any of it…but I am grateful for it all the same and will be taking it with all the responsibility and strength it entails.

I want to make you guys proud.

After these next couple weeks of healing my body, resting, (who am I kidding) EATING, I will be hitting the training even harder(smarter)!

I am very happy that 3 ciarale.com readers have joined PUSH and I will be working on their personalized fitness plans and nutrition requirements. All three of them happen to be over seas, I’m thinking an “in person” check up will need to be arranged! hahaha (what? I need a vacation!!! :D)

Last thing, be sure to smile today. BIG.






fitmod| abs.booty.

Good mid day my loves!

I’ve spent the morning watching my judge/court tv shows, eating copious amounts of eggs and cream of wheat, playing nurse to one of my poor pups who sliced his foot up, and uploading videos that have been serving no purpose posted up in my camera for the longest time.

I FINALLY had D get a video of me in the gym.  The majority of you have been asking for an ab move, some of you, for one to bust cellulite in the back of the legs and butt. 2 things before you watch:

1. This is a move I made up out of necessity since a lot of the moves I was doing for abs were not hitting where I needed. Warning: I do not recommend this for anyone who is still in the process of losing excess weight, or building core strength…this will hurt you. Remember, getting rid of that layer of fat BEFORE working ab muscles is the SMART way to go, or else you’ll get a pouch 😦 Trust me…I had it.

2. Some cellulite is natural. I have some, and I will post a photo of it after the competition when the tan isn’t hiding it. Going on some rampant mission to rid yourself of all stretch marks and cellulite is a waste of determination. If you’re really that obsessed with being perfect, contact your local plastic surgeon. As far as tightening and firming healthily and sexily ( :)), doing these wide leg squats are DEFINITELY my go to. Be careful. Don’t do it on your period. Tampons will dislodge.  lllllllmmmmffffaaaaaaaooooooo


Some photos from our trip to Laguna Beach in March.
I look at them whenever I want to go back…


so busy today but wanted to stop for a few moments to say hi and give a hug…*hug*

I hope you all are having an amazing start of the weekend, and that it carries through all the way into next week!



7  days till my bean burrito.

7 days till i’m on stage.


Oh and just so you know I’ve made at least a little more progress in the move…

I stacked pillows and blankets?

yeah, a lot of progress…

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